February Romantic Times Has Arrived

        2000 May 30, 2000

       Well, the February issue of Romantic Times has arrived.
        And on page 59......
        There at the top is the photo of my (hand on the trigger) and a crop of the preliminary cover for Jettison.
        The book is announced.
        The date is announced.
        Oh my God!
        Banta has sent quotes. I need to quietly review and return such contracts as I need.
        Banta is quoting fulfillment.
        They can help me get my own 800 number - they would answer it.
        I need to call Vario (they bought Best- my ISP) and get going on a merchant account.
        Which means - my whole web site picks up and goes to a commercial server. Secured.
        I will accept credit card only.
        I have to figure out how on earth I invoice the Barnes&Nobles and Amazon.coms of the world ( they like to be "carried" - I don't want to carry them). I don't have an accountant to keep track of slow paying characters. I don't know if I even want to handle distributors. My rules are specific - want credit - the book better be intact.
        They may not be ready for that!
        Shrink-wrap is also a pain - costs a LOT and is needed for these guys.
        I may not choose to do that either.
        It's amazing how many "services" and licenses (I haven't started that game yet) and other charges appear and eat away.
        And you can only charge so much - because other books have their prices and other sellers have set shipping and handling fees.
        It's a virtual jungle.
        I need to take classes!
        I don't have time.       
        I am editing the book - last three chapters.
       The prepress loop is next.
       The poster is coming along.
       So are the bookmarks. (Samples I am playing with are on the right.)
        The G4 sits in its box - well - it's the only thing under the Christmas tree!
        I am working on the beginnings of a WBT (web-based training) course on clocks.
        I am exhausted.
        But I must say, looking at the other hunks, Troy still looks good! Without Effort! (At least one of the others was straining to show off what he has just standing there!)
        In fact - he looks more real and more photogenic than all the others! (The others get "painted" by illustrators. I am straight PhotoShop. Chrome Digital. Ron Jones, Phase Infinity.)
        And my feet are in the fire.

        Page 59 - Romantic Times February Issue (on sale in January)


Getting a touch-up.


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