Jettison was in Houston at the Romantic Times Bookfair - best selling novel!

Captain Martin Daniels of the USS Nantuckett, Space Central Fleet - Troy Sutter, Model

Jettison book cover - slower load

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Model: Troy Sutter

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Romantic Times May (centerfold) and June (inside back cover); September Romantic Times (inside front cover I believe); October CENTERFOLD, Sept backcover

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Articles have been running in Romantic Times all year - 2000, and continue to run - 20001

There was an article about the calendar in the September issue of Romantic Times. This follows the article appearing in the June issue.

Cover and inside story - February Romantic Times 2001

Reviewed by: Romantic Times (4 star review), Romantic Communications, Pepper Gregory, Janice Imkamp; (5 Star Review)

Book: ISBN 0-9677828-0-5 396 pages, $6.99 U.S. Published by White Enterprises


Rigel Sector spaceships have gone unexplainably gone missing. Sat Fleet headquarters is bringing the USS Nantuckett, badly damaged but not destroyed, back into service. Martin K. Daniels, the court-marshaled former captain of the Nantuckett is also being brought back, not without vehement protest. It's the shock of his own personal tragedy that gives him the final push to accept command. Not only Daniels, but most of his original crew, including his forst officer Thalos, the half-breed Aldeberon, are encouraged to volunteer for service on the Nantuckett.

Sabotage and internal conflicts combine to try to keep the Nantuckett out of action. Yet when a distress call arrives from teh Rigel sector, the Nantuckett is on its way, especially since one of the survivors is the half-human Aldeberon Kali Healer, T'Zara. If you are a Star Trek fan you will find JETTISON an excellent science fiction novel. In fact, take the crew of the original Star Trek, give them new names and textures and you have the core crew of the Nantuckett. This is not a romance. JETTISON is a science fiction which does not overwhelm you with techno-babble. Once started, it is a book I did not willingly put down. I eagerly await the sequel, HELLSFIRE.

Susan Mobley
Romantic Times Magazine,
May 2000, page 61


Romantic Times, pg 61, May 2000
If you are a Star Trek fan you will find Jettison an excellent science fiction novel.

Romantic Times Magazine, May 2000, 4 stars
a science fiction which does not overwhelm you with technobabble. .. it is a book I did not willingly put down.

When last Captain Martin Daniels docked his badly disabled ship, the U.S.S. Nantuckett, with less than half the crew alive, he did not receive a fair hearing. Instead, no matter how his remaining crew vouched for him, Daniels lost his command and was put behind a desk. Now, years later, the Fleet was losing ships to an unknown predator in an unexplored sector of space. The refitting of the Nantuckett was almost complete. Fleet wanted Daniels back in command, along with his former crew.

T'Zara was a high priestess of the fierce Kashin warriors. She was one of the mysterious Kali-healers. Her full power was unknown to most. When her ship was attacked only a few of them survived. They were stranded on an alien planet where the natives, and even the carnivorous plant life, were hostile. She reached out with her mind to call on the one person she knew would risk anything to come to their aide.

Thalos was of the Aldeb species. His kind always had tight control on their emotions. No "outworlder" knew the inner-workings or rites of the Aldebs. But Thalos had been one of Daniels' best crewmen ... and was again. However, something was wrong with Thalos. Something the Aldeb understood, but could not explain, to anyone other than someone of his own species. This problem would kill him, unless he received treatment soon! But treatment would have to wait, because only Thalos could lead the crew to the Kali.

**** Other than quite a few typos that a spell checker could not catch (such as "head" instead of "heed" in one sentence) this book was wonderful! Fans of Gene Roddenberry will DROOL over this crew and its adventures! As with the "Star Trek" episodes, the title made no sense to me until I had finished the entire book. Creative thinking at its best!

The model used as Captain Daniels was Troy Sutter (who attended the last two RT Conventions) and was easy to picture in the role. If the author was the one who chose Troy, she could not have picked better! (And yes, Troy really is as nice as he seems!)

Add to all this that the author, D.E. White, kept several sub-plots running so I was unable to put the novel down, and you come up with an awesome read! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READING! ****

About the Kashin Saga: Jettison, Hellsfire, Kali's Song


The sequel to Jettison:


The sharp pain in her chest was making her gasp for air.

Her small feet pounded in the sandy path bed, flinging sand up behind her as she ran deeper into the temple gardens. The swish of her feet was contrasted with the heavy thuds of the warrior’s boots as they shortened the distance between her and the hands that wanted to claim her.

The wall! If only she could reach it. Or the dense green bushes. She could blend into those, her thin green limbs merging into the branch work of the plants themselves. Especially now, in the dusk.

She gulped in air, then fingers pressing the torn muscles in her side, tried harder. It was as fast as she could move in the soft sand. And she knew they were playing with her.

Her smock flapped against her as she twisted and turned under the barren branches of the mull tress, dodging the walkway light bushes with their pale glows. The path zig-zaged in a twisted track, teasing her with the glimpses of the wall beyond which offered sanctuary, however temporary.

Her small body would not survive what they intended just as the other youngsters had not survived. The images of Juanah’s broken and violated corpse fired her to keep moving, although running was not one of her people’s favorite pastimes.

The warriors behind her moved closer, she could hear their ribald remarks and laughter. Her eager eyes burned, her lungs strained, and her legs ached.

A little further. Just around this turn. She was almost to the wall!

The warrior stepped from behind the nearest tree, casually tripping her with her sword, laughing as she fell forward, face down in the sand, a few feet from the wall, a few feet from sanctuary.

She screamed in horror as hands grabbed her, held her down and tore her smock open. Her mind refused to know more. She screamed once more and went silent.

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Mr. Romance 2000

Extreme Troy 2001 Calendar - was at
Troy was voted "Reader's Choice 2000" and "Mr. Romance 2000". He was "Mr. Popularity 1999" in Toronto. That about covers it!

See Troy on the cover of the FEBRUARY 2001 Romantic Times Magazine - photos and story inside!

Extreme Troy calendar cover

Jettison Poster is the Centerfold!


Jettison Poster - ISBN 0-9677828-1-3 25" x 19" $5.00 Available Direct (address above)


 "I was finally able to get my copy of Jettison and have enjoyed it thouroughly. When I came back to the store I placed an order for 5 copies of the book. It sold in 2 days and I've ordered more. [Waldenbooks] Having grown up as a fan of Star Trek, I always wanted to read stories of Captain Kirk and Spock but the si-fi books that are out there are too technical for me. Jettison was perfect. It had a bit of romance as well. And of course having Troy as the image of Captain Daniels in my mind was not hard to take.
      Thank you for some wonderful hours of escape,

Cindi Streicher
Greenfield, Wi 53221 "


Jettison turned me into a deep space addict. Where can I find a Captain Daniels of my own? D.E. White made me feel his terrible loss when his wife was killed, his frustration when ships were missing and his crew acting strangely. I could keenly sense his fascination with the beautiful and forbidden Kali healer, T'Zara. Their's was a love beyond the mere coupling of bodies. For one brief moment they shared a breathtaking, deep, spiritual connection bonding them as well. This book touched all my senses. Jettison is a screenwriter's dream. It's primed for becoming a movie. I can't wait for the sequel and see where D.E. White takes the Captain, his loyal crew, and his romances soaring again.

Pepper Gregory

Extreme Troy 2001 Calendar REVIEW

Extreme Troy Calendar EXTREMELY Top-Notch!,

I have never been one to get google-eyed and star struck over a handsome face, as I have met many "celebrities" in my lifetime. My attitude has pretty much always been that good looking men are a dime-a-dozen. I am definitely not a groupie. But I just had to have this calendar.

I met Troy at the Romantic Times Booklover's Convention in Houston in early November '2000 (he won the Mr Romance '2000 Contest, by the way), and found him to be one of the most personable, comical & all around great guys I have ever had the privelage to meet, which made him even more appealing.

The calendar photos are eye candy for any warm-blooded female. If you are of the female gender, YOU NEED THIS CALENDAR! Was it worth the... price tag? EXTREMELY!

November 14, 2000 Reviewer:

Dayton, OH United States


Jettison was enjoyable reading. The story kept a great pace and had an exciting plot. The characters had substance and you could really visualize the scenes. The ending came as a plesant suprise! Although I don't usually read sci-fi, I am impatiently awaiting the next book. Reader:
Luci Eames from San Jose, CA


I found this to be a riviting story in the true style of Star Trek adventures. Lots of action and intriguing twists and turns to this story. Excellent introduction of main characters. Author's descriptive ability allows you to almost see the story take place! Can't wait for the next in this series!

Melodie Ender

Luci & Huntress on Amazon are 2 reviewers below who were able to put into words EXACTLY what I thought of this book. As you can tell, over 90% of the reviewers say it is great. I purchased the book due to the 2 reviewers mentioned and I am not the slightest bit disappointed!

I will be keeping my eye out for this author!


Jettison was enjoyable reading. The story kept a great pace and had an exciting plot. The characters had substance and you could really visualize the scenes. The ending came as a plesant suprise! Although I don't usually read sci-fi, I am impatiently awaiting the next book.

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